cycle custom-01.png

1. Every Custom Cycle begins with a customized assessment of the supply chain to best understand and address key issues and opportunities. 

2. A custom solution will be designed to be seamlessly integrated into the existing production process. An example would be the collection and value-creation from textile discarded in the production of clothing. 

3.  We would license our technology, and work collaboratively to install a custom solution within the production process, potentially starting with a pilot program in one facility.

4. Through our carbon transformation technology, we would be able to convert the discarded by-products into new raw materials that could be sold off or used in another part of the production ecosystem. 

An example would be utilizing the extra textiles from clothing production, to be transformed into biodegradable plastics needed for packaging and labeling within the same clothing manufacturer. 

Inputs can include any material that is carbon-based and flammable (eg. plastics, textiles, carpets, diapers).

Outputs can include bio-polymers for biodegradable products, oils, or organic crop nutrients.