How We Turn CO2 Into Valuable Raw Materials

Carbon is all around us. It’s in our food, our clothing, the soil, plants, it’s even the air. Kiverdi Technology can transform any carbon gas, such as carbon dioxide, into all natural bio-based products.



HOw we brew

This transformation happens inside a bioreactor. Our vessels are just like the fermentation vessels used to brew beer. Instead of brewing beer and wine we brew protein, oil and other bio-based materials, and instead of using a probiotic microorganism, we use an all-natural microbe that consumes pure carbon and grows into highly nutritious, versatile materials

our all-natural secret INGREDIENT

The technical term for these tiny carbon consuming microbes are hydrogenotrophs. Hydrogenetrophs are chemoautotrophic and they feed on carbon gases. You can actually find these microbes near hot springs and at the bottom of the ocean. We like to call them Nature's Super-Charged Carbon Recyclers. Just like plant cells, these Super-Charged Carbon Recyclers consume carbon to grow and divide. Just like plants, the end product is highly nutritious and incredibly versatile.


The results

After the brewing is complete we remove the product from the vessel and seperate usable raw materials from the recycled water. We can grow a variety of different raw materials depending on the source of the carbon and brewing conditions. For example, we can produce oils similar to plant-based oils. Like palm oil, these oils can be used to make snacks, like ice-cream and chocolate, or consumer goods like detergents, soap, candles or make-up. Some of the oils we make can even be used in paints and biodegradable packaging materials.


CO2 brewing is reinventing agriculture

Kiverdi technology is an entirely new form of agriculture. Like most farmers, we grow protein, oil and other natural materials, but unlike current agriculture, we can grow these things while we fight climate change. Our growing technology consumes less resources (thousands of times less) and is environmentally sustainable. Thanks to Kiverdi's Super-Charged Carbon Recyclers, carbon dioxide can be used to feed and power the world. We are working with partners to put these Super-Charged Carbon Recyclers to work to help us create a world of abundance.


CEO Lisa Dyson talks about CO2 recycling

By using microbes found under Earth’s surface, Kiverdi turns CO2 into materials we need to survive and thrive.