Using our proprietary Carbon Engineering™ platform, Kiverdi's high-yield biochemical process has the ability to target the production of a wide range of mid- and long-chain carbon molecules.The result: a lower cost process to manufacture fossil petroleum replacements and oleochemicals.

Proprietary Carbon Engineering™ Platform

Kiverdi’s proprietary technology produces sustainable oils from gasified waste and waste carbon at a fraction of the cost of chemical catalysts. Our proprietary high-yield microbes produce high quantities of oils from waste carbon resources, demonstrating a process that surpasses chemical catalysts in capital efficiency and product selectivity. With our cutting-edge Carbon Engineering™ platform, we apply advanced biotechnology and carbon engineering tools to our high-yield microbes to tailor oils to match different applications – from consumer chemicals to jet fuel.

Chemical approaches to oil production have proven to be complex, capital intensive and uneconomical at small-scales. Biological technologies require plant-based sugars or oils, which are costly and adversely affect the environment and food supply. Our technology starts with a fundamentally different approach – we use proprietary microbes that are rich in oils and consume waste carbon feedstocks and syngas that can be sourced from diverse inputs, including landfills, agricultural residue, wood waste, industrial flue gas streams and manufacturing waste, enabling lower cost conversion of waste carbon into high-value products.

Our high-yield microbes and integrated low-temperature, low-pressure bioprocess provide an attractive alternative to chemical catalysts for waste carbon and syngas conversion – our products have a greater value, our process is economical at smaller scales, and our capex requirements are less than half the capex required by chemical catalysts.