Kiverdi's low-cost chemicals offer partners superior performance and margin potential in three market segments — consumer goods biomaterials and fuels.

Making everyday products sustainably

Kiverdi's high-yield chemical platform generates chemicals that can directly replace petrochemical and oleochemical compounds. Using our proprietary microbes and Carbon Engineering™ platform, we tailor our high yield microbes to produce specific oils with different structures at high purities to suit product markets. Targeting mid- to long-chain carbon molecules, we make oils that can be used in three market segments — consumer chemicals, biomaterials and fuels.

Consumer goods

Plant- and petroleum-based oil compounds are the basic ingredients in consumer products. Oil crops, such as palm, and petroleum adversely impact the environment and have been subject to price spikes in recent years. Kiverdi produces fatty acids, fatty alcohols, and triacylglycerides that can be used in consumer products including bar and liquid soaps, shampoo, skin creams, and detergents, offering a better sustainability profile than the palm and fossil petroleum alternatives.


Our flexible technology offers a sustainable and lower cost approach to producing molecules that can be used in the synthesis of bioplastics, nylons, and other polymers. Applications of polymers that can be manufactured from these molecular building blocks range from textiles and fabrics, surgical materials, electronic parts, to sports and recreational equipment.

Fuel additives

Our clean, sulfur-free fuel molecules can be “dropped” into existing pipelines and refineries that already process millions of barrels of petroleum a day for vehicle and jet engines. Our highly selective technology enables the production of hydrocarbons without wax or methane co-products, allowing for a higher yield with no required hydrocracking. Our robust process is both economical at much smaller scales than chemical catalysts and offers significant end-product flexibility.