We are a team of passionate scientists, engineers and business leaders who all share a common commitment to finding real-world solutions to the resource challenges we face as our population continues to grow. We share a vision of a cleaner, more secure, and wholly sustainable tomorrow.



Our goals revolve around lowering carbon dioxide emissions while transitioning from the current, practices that affect our world’s natural habitats and relies on fossil carbon. Kiverdi combines advanced biotechnology and carbon recycling tools to manufacture bio-based products to meet the demands of tomorrow. 



Kiverdi was founded with the intentions of developing alternative materials, bio-products, and nutritional accompaniments for our ever expanding population, encouraged by a need for sustainable growth.

Currently, we’re faced with the reality of an insufficient amount of resources available to sustainably meet the demands of a growing population. We are passionate and enthusiastic about our innovative technology, which holds a tailor-made remedy contributing to a sustainable future.